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In a flash, life has the potential to turn our life upside down and change our being entirely!  It astounds me to revisit recent memories and notice how I'm not the same person anymore. All this, in just a little... Continue Reading →


My Identity

Do u see me Or hear me Or feel my essence I am right beside you Right where your shadow meets the ground Right where your reality shies away Right where my pretence fades away Do u see me Or... Continue Reading →

Do we ever give up on love?

Love exists in our hearts without the need to manifest as another person or object in our lives!

5 Steps to Pull Yourself Out of Rock Bottom

5 steps I have curated to help anyone who is willing to surface out of rock bottom.

Kolkata – The Sweet City of Contrasts


Maybe home is not a 'place' but a 'feeling' where we choose to live permanently.

Pearls Unleashed

The heart ached, while the eyes sobbed. Stealthily and feebly, precious pearls were dropped.

Becoming Whole

Connect with the source and connect with your soul, there can be no other way to satiate the eternal longing to feel whole.

India International Trade Fair – 2016

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