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The Most Treacherous Word in English

She feels almost fulfilled in her career. He almost gives her his best. They are almost in love. It is almost the life she wanted. Almost. Here’s the thing I despise about the indefinites (like nearly, just about, pretty much,... Continue Reading →



When the doing and non-doing both bear unfavourable consequences, which one of the lesser evil do I choose?


In a flash, life has the potential to turn our life upside down and change our being entirely!  It astounds me to revisit recent memories and notice how I'm not the same person anymore. All this, in just a little... Continue Reading →

Do we ever give up on love?

Love exists in our hearts without the need to manifest as another person or object in our lives!

5 Steps to Pull Yourself Out of Rock Bottom

5 steps I have curated to help anyone who is willing to surface out of rock bottom.


Maybe home is not a 'place' but a 'feeling' where we choose to live permanently.

Imaginary Chip On Shoulder

Do you ever find yourself worrying excessively about or living in a future or past so distant, that it drifts you away from your current reality?

First Step Ain’t The Hardest

Few people have the courage to really bet on themselves, now that you are one of them, just hang in there and set an example of how it's done!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

We all want to discover our true selves, but do we really accept who we meet at the end of the tunnel?

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