“New year, new me!”

The most innocent new year resolution is also the most fragile. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. Therein lies the reason behind the fragility of the vigor with which most people start off their new years or any such marked new beginnings.
We want change, we want growth, we set goals. Year after year, however, we somehow miss on one or another aspect of our life & feel imbalanced. This blog post is an attempt to help you in making your new year resolutions more holistic. As you will eventually note, this strategy is not limited to new year resolution but is in fact applicable whenever your wake-up-call hits home & you decide to take charge of your actions.

I strongly believe that life is more than only career, or only fun, or only family, etc. True growth takes place when multiple facets of core values are brought together & a holistic and inclusive plan is charted out. I use ‘7 Spheres’ to structure & align my vision for my life & respective goals. It’s not the number that’s important, it’s the intent & purpose behind identifying key areas of life where you want to grow.
My 7 Spheres of growth in life are: Mental Health, Physical Health, Creativity, Spirituality, Career, Personal Development,
Finance Management. 

Process & Caution:

1. Set aside a dedicated time to think about the Spheres. Don’t rush it, don’t procrastinate. This vision is what you will build your future on & it deserves a sincere & genuine effort.
2. While developing the Spheres, think of what areas of life do you truly want to work on & dedicate your time to. Think of what truly fulfils you & makes you a better version of yourself. Sit alone & be as creative & brave as possible with your visions & goals!
3. You might have to restrict the spheres to Long-Term goals & maintain another Planner for related Short-Term Goals. This would help in making the Spheres an absolute reminder of your ultimate goals whenever you glance at them.
4. Beware of your mind projecting social & other conditioning on your Spheres. If task X doesn’t appeal to you, keep it out of your chart.
5. Put up your final chart at your work space or near your bed post. The idea is to make it visible. Energy flows where attention goes!
5. Keep updating your Spheres as time & life changes. That being said, don’t remove spheres simply because of minor setbacks related to them. Deletion should be done only when a sphere loses significance in your life.
6. The Spheres might change as you evolve with time. It’s a good sign.
Nevertheless However, it always helps to have a clear sight of your focus areas of growth in life.

Reach out to me in case you need any help in setting your goals & developing your spheres. Also drop in any suggestions you may have. Wish you a very happy & fulfilling 2019 ahead! 🙂