Disruptive. Alone. Detached.

Every relationship, every ambition, & every conquest for happiness has lead me to this. 

And it is for the first time that I understand that these words don’t have a negative connotation to themselves anymore. They’re just another face of reality that I’ve been conditioned to run away from.

People hurt, dreams shatter, and ambitions deceive. Desires damage, longings poison, & unaddressed emotions suffocate. Hasn’t this been said too many times before, in different words, by almost every contemplative mind? Perhaps I chose to be blind all this while.

But do I stop dreaming? Do I annihilate my ego to an extent that I am left with no motive to look forward to live? Do I give up on people and build walls around myself for a life void of any human essence? Do I stop acknowledging my impulse and live a lie all along? Certainly not.

Then what do I do? When the doing & the non-doing both bear unfavourable consequences, which one lesser of the two evils do I choose?

Well, I choose none & I choose both at the same time! Confused? Don’t be. It’s in the art of being that we can transcend the choking pressure of doing. 

I choose to be one with my body, spirit, & mind. I choose to be present in every moment & participate in ‘today’. I choose not to shut my doors to sadness, but to look at it with acceptance. I choose to give people, & myself, a chance to be imperfect. I choose to be, what I need to be, in various circumstances, to be my anchor as I glide through this ocean of life.

Image source: https://mayhemandmuse.com/the-wonder-and-wisdom-of-qinnis-magical-art-works/