In a flash, life has the potential to turn our life upside down and change our being entirely! 

It astounds me to revisit recent memories and notice how I’m not the same person anymore. All this, in just a little matter of months. At times I feel proud for surviving all odds and emerging as a victor but most times my heart laments for my loss – my innocence.We make mistakes and learn from the failures, but with time the mistakes reduce in number. This is not because we became masters in our crafts but simply because we turned timid and trained ourselves against taking risks. We built walls so high that they became a prison for us.

I look into the mirror but I miss the ‘me’ who was quintessential in all its sense. I see a stronger, more vigilant and roughly scarred soul, struggling to reach out to its roots.

Transitions are the essence of our lives, but must we lose ourselves after several hurricanes & tornadoes of time ? Or do we even have a self to guard & sustain through a journey preferably known as life? 

I long for answers..