Storms of heartache, tornadoes of betrayal, and tsunamis of longings later, here I am asking my survivor self the perpetual question, “Do we ever give up on love?”

As I picked myself together and took myself out for a while, I felt almost nothing all along. I went to a bookstore, gazed at some interesting books, wandered thoughtlessly, ate my favorite salad reading ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ and started to walk back home. I felt a desire for dessert and went to a nearby bakery. As soon as I took the first bite of my aptly heated rich truffle pastry, an innocent and romantic song started to play in my phone. In that blissful moment, I felt love and I blushed. The love that I felt neither had a target, nor any source but it was a fleeting joyous component in air which I breathed in for a while and felt alive!

It made me realize that we are made of love. It never escapes us, although circumstances may delude us to think that it does. Most times in life, even when we don’t have a significant other in our lives, we feel the love nonetheless. Love, it seems, is a whole entity in itself and exists in our hearts without the need to be manifested as another person or object in our lives! It tears us apart and we swear we will never fall in its trap ever again. We take imaginary oaths of heartlessness in our minds and go through the days with a long face. However, love’s tricky triggers find us and fan the flames of the sweet passion we had been trying to suppress.

And we realize, it is indeed insanity to ever give up on love. ❤