Flickering hesitantly, losing the grip,

The eye unleashed a pearl to slip.

The pearl embodied all that was pure,

Some deepest feelings, some dreams unsure.

And surreptitiously carried the beloved emotion,

That somehow always remained unspoken.

Soon followed another pearl or two,

The melancholy eyes turned all pale and blue.

Had they lost something so dear?

They wondered as they shed another tear.

The stream soon began to flow,

With the pearls’ surprisingly discomforting glow.

No one valued the precious drops,

Or bothered to make the stream stop.

Those pearls spoke a thousand words,

The story, however, remained unheard.

The eyes wept as they got the clue,

Of the pain that the heart was going through,

So profound was their love and so true!

The heart ached, while the eyes sobbed,

Stealthily and feebly, precious pearls were dropped.