All this while, I have been desperately looking for that ONE person – in form of a father, a mother, a brother, a friend or a life partner – who would keep a hand on my head, would tell me “Everything’s going to be alright” and would take up my entire responsibility.

Today, after various experiences and realisations, I understand that no human can ever be capable of that role in my life. Every human is just that – a human and is only as aware, loving, responsible or caring as I can be as a fellow human. It’s unreasonable to even have that expectation from any person and put him/her under so much pressure. It’s a revelation to finally understand that we are all simply co-passengers.

The only source to quench this thirst that many people experience is the source of life itself. The Creator – Energy – Universal Mother – God. Either the source or the soul, there is no other thing that can row our fragile boat in this vast ocean called life. There can be numerous ways through which one can develop a deeper connection with the source and the soul ranging from writing, reading, meditating, praying etc. Start from somewhere. Connect with the source and connect with your soul, there can be no other way to satiate the eternal longing to feel whole.

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