If you have taken enough risks in life and have challenged yourself to become a better version of yourself by each passing day, you will agree when I say that the hardest step towards achieving goals or making changes in life is not the first step, it’s the step somewhere in the middle of the journey. At a point when excitement and faith start to wither. The point where the fuel of fire starts to burn out, the oh-so-little beginner’s luck starts to fade and the dreadful voices in the head start to get louder. At this point, the external world senses that you’re falling weak and starts to ride on you, criticise you, taunt you, or haunt you with their righteous suggestions & opinions. So far, that’s the hardest step you will find yourself on. And the bad news is, from there on it only gets harder.
I believe there’s a ‘Honeymoon Phase’ for everything in life, after which the real work starts. So no, the first step is not the hardest because at the onset one musters plentiful of ignited spirit to catapult oneself up till some distance. After that distance is when the vision begins to get hazy. You start to lose grip. You start to slip. No matter how much you try, your feet somehow always trip.
I call this phase the Character Test’. It is in this phase when it doesn’t matter what your purpose was or what your motivation had been. If your character doesn’t support your plan of actions, you are most likely to fall right back to square one!
However, the good news is that character can be built! Though it takes courage and patience to work upon one’s self, it’s not impossible. So, in times when you just can’t get yourself to keep moving ahead, don’t doubt your capabilities or your goals. Few people have the courage to really bet on themselves, now that you are one of them, just hang in there and set an example of how it’s done! At this hardest step of your journey, work on building your resilience and patience like a muscle. Work on building a willpower which refuses to give up until the finish line is reached. Work on replacing ‘I can’t’ with ‘I can’ and on managing->limiting->eliminating negative self-talk! Last but not the least, detach all the thoughts from the outcome and redirect them to the process you had envisioned to achieve your goals. As Michael Sembello suggested in his famous song ‘Maniac’ – ‘let the dancer become the dance’ & enjoy the journey while it lasts! 🙂