Self-love is ‘in’ nowadays. All over the internet & social networking sites, millions of sources liberally offer condolence for people imperfect in their purview. Self-love hence rapidly transcended from self-empathy to self-praise, a risky proposition!

I fell prey to the idea of self-love a few years back. Following the numerous advice, I started to practice looking into the mirror with love and compassion for some minutes each day. I began by seeing the obvious – perceptions that I had about my image. It didn’t take me long to get bored and just see what others saw in me- my body. Long after the initiation of the practice, of late, when I look into the mirror nowadays, I feel a connection with what I see, as if I truly see myself – my own self, tired of hiding from & being confined by others’ & my own perception of what I should be. Most revelations in life are like dreams, you never remember when exactly it started, what exactly was the sequence of the events. All you remember (prominently) is how you felt, and what they made you realize. ❤

However, I want to bring into light the ‘after’ bit of a ‘happily ever after’. Yes, the self-love practice made a big & muddled girl find her true self, but the story doesn’t end there. What does the girl do with that image staring right back at her every time she looks into the mirror? We all want to discover our true selves, but do we really accept who we meet at the end of the tunnel? Are we ready to hold onto our reality even when it may mean rocking on a rough road ahead?

We may be surprised, shocked or petrified to meet our true selves. Sometimes, our ‘self’ may even contradict all the beliefs we developed over all these years. What to do then? Whatever you do, just don’t turn your face away. If you already have, maybe you can still attempt to look back around. We have numerous fights to choose in this lifetime but wouldn’t it be better if, for a change, we drop the one that we have been fighting with ourselves? I do not propagate the idea that we need to let go of everything we have been living for until this moment of epiphany. What we can do instead, is to first have an honest look at the person we finally see in the mirror. I am talking about genuine & sincere acceptance. We have been craving to get it from all the wrong sources & the reason our ‘selves’ go into hiding is because of not being accepted for a long time. We know how rejection feels right? 😉

We may take it further from there on our own course. We may decide to stick to our reality thereon or we may decide to accept it fully albeit alter it according to the way we now want to live our lives. There may be quite a few other ways to now lead our lives with our pristine mindfulness of ourselves. Whatever you choose please do not choose to look away, as for once in all this while, the mirror is answering honestly!

Image Source: Pablo Picasso – Girl Before A Mirror