My sincere admiration for sunsets had always been scorned by the elders around me. I was advised to adore the sunrise instead of the sunset. In their defence, Sunrise signified all the good things: hope, nascence etc., whereas Sunset only signified end & in extreme beliefs, even mortality. Too frail & impressionable to hold my feet firm on the ground, I started to ignore the sunsets as advised. But the twilight magic never ceased to chase me in its subtle efforts of seduction! And oh, how could I lend a blind eye to the crimson magic of nature for long! ❤

There’s profound truth in nature and truth is not meant to please you or offend/scare you. The truth simply is. And so is the existential irony of the comparison between the dusk & the dawn. It is the Yin-Yang manifestation of our tiny planet rotating about its axis while eyeing the huge ball of fire 😉 If you observe carefully, the truth shall glare right in your eyes – there is no good & bad associated with the routine of nature. Sun never sets & it never rises. It’s only the relativity of the way we are inclined towards it at a given time! However, if logic was the sole trail of thinking, there would be no philosophy. That would be a grave loss to humanity!

On that note, I am willing to accept Sunset, even if it symbolises end. However, I have come to appreciate endings as much as I like the beginnings! Some endings can be liberating, some can be life-changing whereas some are only a hiatus, since you deserve a li’l rest! Some endings, even when they shatter your entire being, teach you the quintessential truth of life – nothing is permanent. As Rabindranath Tagore writes in ‘Stray Birds’, “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky.” Maybe we all need to come to a point in life where we appreciate the beauty of nature more often and while we enjoy its beauty, nature may reveal life’s deepest held secrets to us!

The good thing about Sunsets & Sunrises is that they are free & accessible for all! You can enjoy them from your balcony or you can take a quick break from work & enjoy it from the terrace of your office. You are lucky if you are on a plane and can observe the sunset amidst the clouds. 🙂 If you are on a beach then you can be mesmerised by the romance between the waves, the rays, the sand & the clouds! ❤ If you are driving/stuck in traffic then you can just have a quick look at the sky & observe how in a matter of minutes the entire landscape around you changes! If you are amongst the hills, well, you have all the reasons to sit silently in the woods and be a part of the magic that a sunset is! The point is, nature is SO available that few of us ACTUALLY have the patience to admire its small gifts! 😉

When the crimson rays of Sun fall on the things around, everything somehow becomes a bit more beautiful & a bit more serene. The entire sky becomes nature’s landscape at the live artwork & it paints it in myriads of concoctions of colours, leaving the audience awestruck! ❤ The sky is in shades of cherry red and fiery orange, topped with subtle hints of grey & white clouds! If one is lucky, probably once out of a hundred times when nature rains on one’s parade, it may also glorify the sunset canvas with a mindfully placed enchanting rainbow! There’s melancholy & embrace, at the same time, in the farewell that the Earth bids to the Sun at each dusk. There’s something lonesome as well as wholesome about the parting of the day and emergence of the night that one is left wondering about the genius of nature to incite such dichotomous emotions at once!

Well, if you have enjoyed a sunset recently, let me know how you felt about it! If you haven’t, well, plan a date with the twilight soon! 🙂