Last night, while it rained & people enjoyed the weather, I survived a minor heart attack on my way back home. Around 10 pm the cab driver asked me to get off the cab, in the middle of nowhere, since there was some problem with the destination location in his Uber device & another ride was waiting for him!
Least did I expect that my adversity will turn out to be an epiphany of my perpetual metamorphosis.
In times of difficulty, my first response is usually to cry. Helplessly. The princess within me just can’t accept that the world is so unfair & heartless! She wants someone to help her, someone who will save her from the atrocities, a Hero.
For long I have wet my pillows waiting for my Hero. For long I have stepped away from relationships and friendships when the other person failed to protect me from this brutal world. For long I have craved for that protection, security, comfort & solace. For long, I have waited.
But last night, something beautiful happened. While the princess within me kept sobbing & got frustrated with the lack of courtesy & responsibility of the driver, I heard another voice within me. The voice said, “hold on, we’ll take care of this together”. I found, within me, my HERO! 🙂 
The situation wasn’t majorly horrifying and if it was during an earlier hour of the day, the matter wouldn’t have been so adverse. But it was 10:15 in the night and I was deserted on an unknown road by a ruthless cab driver. What made the incident remarkable was the transformation I noticed within me. The transformation of a princess in despair to a lady in control when the situation demanded. During the time I got another cab, I comforted myself, gave myself strength, managed my state of mind and took the necessary actions.

All the years’ plight, of listening to ‘Waiting for Superman’ in times of despair, ended last night. I realized that I am capable of taking care of the baby I become, who just gazes at a distance for some angel or hero when things go wrong. I realized that while I am still a princess at heart, I am strong & wise enough to take charge according to the need of the hour.
As I break from the shackles of defining myself with absolute & singular characteristics, I realize that I am capable of accessing my various traits as and when I need to! After I reached home, I looked into the mirror & couldn’t help singing “tera dhyan kidhar hai, tera hero idhar hai ❤ “.