The trails of happiness spread around by the parting autumn leaves resemble nature’s cardinal grace, of burning inside & shining outside.

Autumn fascinates me beyond expression. The way crumbling & dying nature has a flair to look delightful & serene and instantly create a greater desire for life in the onlookers’ hearts , is a craft no man could ever master. 

I have another fascination with autumn. Somehow, the leaf parting from its tree always pulls me back to the memory of the day I parted from my family. That is how I have looked back at the day ever since, with sadness and pain of detachment. Until recently, it dawned on me how I can never be that leaf parting with its tree, trickling down without a sound, and soon be forgotten. I can never be the leaf which once was the pride of the tree clothed in myriads of beautiful shapes & colours, only to be discarded like last seasons’ fashion!

I am more than that leaf to my loved ones & they are way too precious to me to bid adieu with passing seasons!

Yet, I feel a connection with the leaves floating & dancing fearlessly, and ever so joyously, in the air, just before they touch the ground, their ultimate destination, to rest and wait to be crushed by some ignorant heels.